St. Luke Lutheran Preschool, your child will be prepared for lifelong learning...growing in wisdom and in Christ.

Moving from home to school can be a difficult time for preschoolers and for parents.  With the help of the teachers, pastors and fellow students at St. Luke Lutheran School, your child will take a comfortable but exciting first step in his or her academic career.  At St. Luke, we care for the whole child - mind, body and soul.

"Guess What I Learned!"

Preschoolers are active learners, developing their language and math skills through hands-on experiences.  We provide a wide variety of rich learning activities every day, preparing your child for kindergarten.  Students develop a love for learning through activities such as finger play, story time and singing.  They're encouraged to participate in active classroom conversations, learning to search for patterns, what sounds letters make and how to count.

"Look What I Can Do!"

Preschoolers love to move!  St. Luke teachers use this natural enthusiasm to further develop preschoolers' large motor skills, including running, jumping, hopping and galloping.  Music and movement exercises and daily gym time provide opportunities to expand their abilities.  Children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are also developed through writing, painting, and cutting as well as through play activities like building blocks.

"I Have A New Friend!"

Preschool is an excellent time for young children to learn responsibility, cooperation and how to solve disagreements fairly.  St. Luke teachers model the Christian attitudes of love and respect for others, providing the children with a guide for good manners, sharing and kindness.  Of course, these aren't simply skills to be learned but as the children grow together, true friendships develop -- friendships that last for years to come.

"Jesus Loves Me"

The most important friend your child will meet at St. Luke is Jesus.  Each day during Jesus Time, our students learn that God made each child special and that they are all part of God's family.  The pastors of St. Luke also visit with the children regularly to teach them more about Jesus, their loving Savior.

Preschool class placement observes the following age guidelines:

 3 Year Old:  Child should reach his or her 3rd birthday by September 1st of the current school year.

 4 Year Old:  Child should reach his or her 4th birthday by September 1st of the current school year.

The preschool teacher will assess the student’s readiness to enter at a particular preschool level and will, in consultation with the parent(s), determine the best placement level for the student.

If you have more questions or would like a tour of our facility, please contact the school office at 586-791-1151 or email

Preschool Enrollment Form - Parent

Preschool Enrollment Form - Student